Providing Compassionate, State-Of-The-Art Rheumatologic Care

Extremity MRI

Our MRI is a small, open unit that is dedicated to extremity areas only. Patients sit on a chair-like table during the imaging. The image quality is similar to those obtained from larger units. Our technician has extensive experience, with over 100 studies performed. Our studies are read by a board-certified, musculoskeletal radiologist out of Florida.

MRI’s can detect joint damage as early as 4 months after the onset of symptoms, whereas X-rays can take 6 months to detect changes. The sensitivity for erosions is 95% for MRI’s, and only 65% for X-rays. MRI’s can also reveal bone edema, a precursor of damage and synovitis, which has been described as an independent factor for the progression of disease. No one in the area offer this technique as inexpensively and as accurately as our center.